Thursday, March 1, 2012

Home of the free, brave, and mutilated penises

I am so agitated at AMERICA. Why do people still circumcise at all? EVER? I was reading this BEAUTIFUL ARTICLE which lead me to a youtube video of the procedure. I am putting a link here for the video which forever makes me more passionately aware that I was so correct in not doing this to my children. In the past I have strayed away from talking about the whole subject together with the thought, it wasn't anybody's business whether my boys were intact or not. After seeing this video (or part, I couldn't watch all of it b/c of how horrific it was and how much I was crying!) I realized how wrong parenting in America has become, how can anyone stand there so complacent as they watch their child going through extreme amounts of pain and mutilation and all in the name of cosmetic "rightness". If you have made this decision in the past because it was believed to be correct and the doctor bullied, or talked you into it, I am not saying you are a villian. I wonder still though, how did you do it. I could not stand by and watch that happen, ALLOW it to unless they forced me in which case I would head for the hills. I speak of America because everyone else in the developed parts of the world seem to have already picked up on the morally wrongness of this all. I Cannot bear to think of how many boys are still going through this and the people responsible are not being held liable. If not for a true medical reason this is ABUSE. Before it was believed to be safer, cleaner, and almost necessary to avoid certain severe problems from occuring, so once again if you have had this done to any of your children, I am not bashing you. Just please before you let anybody do this to an infant without a medical reason think of this......

If they could talk, would they say, "Yes please mommy, Cut a perfectly good part of my body off, and don't worry about giving me any pain meds for the procedure, I won't remember it later."


I hope I don't come off as a ranter, and if I do don't forgot about THIS link which is a more peaceful approach with links and a helpful perspective on the matter.

Love till next post,

p.s. It is my humble opinion that they should make you watch that YouTube video before they ever let you make the decision to do it to your own baby, and further, if you can watch that video all the way through, with the same indifference on the matter as most have before, you really shouldn't be a parent. It needs to be a more emotionally connected job.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Home again.

Ya know, sometimes, I hate to admit that people disappoint me. I mean human logic aggravates me but sometimes, also who it is, it is just extremely worse. I guess I just don't fit into a "normal" American logic. So I leave it to you, anyone out there, maybe you can reason with my brain, explain, rationally bring me over to your side on a few matters. If you are able to sued my uncanny mind into agreeing this will be how. Here are a couple of ways people just throw me off and I am not pompous by any means. I am not saying I am better (although all the choices I make are better for me and MY family). I just am CONFUSED.

1. Why do people act weird about me homeschooling my children? Especially after all the flunkouts, shootings, molestation, etc.... Why?

2. Why do people keep trying to give us tvs? Do you think we are to poor to purchase one? Is it so hard to believe that there can be life without it?

3. Why is it weird that my baby should need comforting? I seem to get this vibe from some that tends to make me feel that you all think that walking my baby is extremely weird and SOOOO different than rocking or driving the kid around. Methods change, the basic concept stays the same, BABIES NEED COMFORTING. Not my idea.

4. Why are people willing to put themselves into situations already knowing what is ahead and then complaining once their there?

I could go on and on. I seem to just not fit in I suppose.

Oh well, I don't know what else to say right now other than obviously feeling a little sad about my isolation from my peers and elders and EVERYONE due to cultural differences even though we are from the same Americas.

Love till next post,

Monday, February 20, 2012

NaBloPoMo, is that you?

My brain and computer access at present, I think, have confused me into thinking that it is National Blog Posting Month (nablopomo). I say this since this is like the 4th post this month or something! Insane to think I have enough time and energy stored up to manage something like this! Anyway, I wanted to talk about this friend thing, it is sooooo hard to find friends. I don't know how some of you all do it. Sure, I have Facebook friends and all of my Fb friends I find lovely or at least interesting, BUT, I don't spend time with most of them, nor do any of them call me (my sister and my mother simply don't count). I have come to realize this is mostly because it is nearly impossible for me to relate to the socially normal events and decisions people make. I am not saying, "hahaha my ways are right and you all are NUTS." Okay, maybe at some level of subconsciousness, I am, BUT...I don't try to do that. I stay open minded most of the time, but how am I suppose to relate or accept how some people choose to do things that are so different from the path I have chosen? Why would they want to be friends with me when usually I disprove all their ideals by just walking into the room ALIVE? Does anybody have a real answer? Just throwing this out there, until then, I will stay hopeful and avoid people that upset me by some of the things they say and do that I find appalling.

FUN PICTURE TIME AS TO BE EXPECTED. Forget any depressing ramblings you just completed the reading of.

There are simply no words that I can put here to express the love I have for this photograph of my sweet baby Andrew.

Love till next post,

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Today I have realized that Charlie is so much closer to be a grown up it is crazy! He was looking at the blog with and said, "Hey go back to the picture, that was me! I was asleep in a bouncy with my leg out. Andy does that now because I am to much older." CRAZY. I know that time is precious but so is sleep and it is hard to enjoy the preciousness of the time when I am so exhausted.
Russell has been working out of town so I have been taking care of the kids essentially on my own. I will be elated when that little lull in emptiness is over. Anyway I don't know much what to talk about so I will make this short, I have picked a randomly cute picture to go with this post so maybe you will look past my unorganized ramblings and notice the adorableness that my boys are.
Ooooo, also, Andy and Charlie have quite a striking resemblance to each other as far as baby pictures go but I am sure you can guess, who is who. :)

Love till next post,

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Sweet Treat Monthly (February)

Christmas is a wonderful time for pie, Birthdays are the cliche for cakes or cakes separated into cups, but what about the rest of the year? Well for me, problem solved. I have a wonderful mother-in-law that gives me "coupons" for A sweet treat (which she usually delivers EVEN SWEETER) one per month. I posted a picture of the one from January, ya know the awesome wedding topper? Ya that was all thanks to the idea that deserts are not just seasonal. You can easily add to your waistline YEAR ROUND! HAha.. I was ever so blessed with this annual gift for the first time last year and we "renewed my prescription" to this again this year. so tasty, She is a cake genius! This month I wasn't sure what to pick so I vaguely mentioned something with oreos. Well, I gave her lemons and she made lemonade for sure! :)

I will keep you updated monthly!Brilliant!

Love till next post,

Huggable, Kissable, SObelievable.

Today is one of the largest commercialized holidays of the year. Nothing like Valentines day makes you have to buy! buy! buy! Do we all forget that when these holidays were started they were for some religious or object-less reason and the old way to celebrate were through actions and gestures? My husband is totally NOT ALLOWED to buy me anything for V-day (kind of sounds like war times, sometimes is). I believe in more of the idea that he should make random gestures of love for me THROUGHOUT THE YEAR. If the only time he musters up enough drive to get me something or love on me is the required day, maybe we weren't meant to be. I don't mean to be a holiday grinch but really, I think the way we "must" celebrate in America is just ridiculous. Do something nice for somebody, why are we so infatuated with objects. The obsession with our things is out of hand. LOVE me or go away. I don't need your flowers today. I also don't want to make a huge neon sign for those without a certain someone in their life saying, "YOU CANNOT HAVE THIS HOLIDAY BECAUSE YOU ARE ALONE, HAHAHAHAHAHA YOU SUCK" I mean really. enough said.

Love till next post,

p.s. What I just said totally doesn't mean we don't take advantage of the sales the day after vday so we can have chocolate and stuff for less money :) if your into getting stuff, wait the extra day and you can get twice as much for your money

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Time is Short. I wish I could write to my husband a wonderfully prepared 234 page book on how many different ways he is a miracle in my life. I don't however, because we together have two other slightly shorter miracles in our life together that take up ALL MY TIME! As our anniversary month (it is hard to celebrate on the official day, so we have a month leeway).

Anyway just wanted to say thank you to my mother in law for making our wonderful anniversary cake and Thank you to my husband for being mine, I love you!