Sunday, September 27, 2009

At Work but gunna keep on blogging!

For the next month they shall short but frequent. Posts I mean. I will give you a brief update now of what Charlie has been up to, but not to long because once work. :)

So story for this time, I was picking Charlie up after a day of work. He was happy to see me like he is everytime and he gets into this snuggle mode. As I put him into the car He said Plain as day " I wanna nurse". he didn't whine just said matter of factly. He said it all the way home and didn't complain when we didn't. We haven't nursed since he turned two. It was just amazing the connection that we made during our nursing relationship that even when we haven't for months and since he's started communicating more with words, he expressed his desire to. It makes me really sad we stopped. Really impressed that he said it so clearly and definitely knew what he was talking about and also happy that he loves me and we have such a good time growing together!

That's it. Been watching costumers while typing so sorry if it's fragmented a lot and misspellings!

love till next post,

Sunday, September 13, 2009


a while back Charlie and I went to a children's museum for the first time! I'm sorry I haven't been posting but a lot has been happening! but I wanted to get these pictures out so you can see how my beautiful baby has grown into a very handsome young boy!

So intelligent and ready to learn too!

p.s. this was back right after I shaved his head (now he has a mohawk)

love till next post,