Thursday, December 18, 2008

Burn baby Burn!!

Because some things have been going on, including the breakdown and recovery of my cadillac, we have been staying with my mom the past week! It has been fun for us to get to spend more time then ever with grandma although we are happy to finally be going home today! One of the things Charlie was introduced to and pretty much fell in love with while we've been staying here is mom's exercise video. Not only does it mesmerize him and stop whatever he was doing prior to the start (as seen in first photo) but as you will observe in the next set of photos he's pretty into adapting the exercised to more accomodate the baby body type as to optimize his baby fat burning! lol (It's cute but sad to know he's doing what he can to get rid of that adorable baby fat!)

like I said stopped in his tracks...

Here is his stretching position from here he can go into either of the two main baby exercising positions!

I would interpret this position as exercising his neck, upper back and upper arm muscles (you'll have to ask him to make sure that is what this exercise move is about)

we'd like to title this one "the ostrich pose"...I have yet to think about what muscles this position stretches and works because this move is so darn cute I get destracted!!

As you can see he is going to be a beefy workout god someday!! lol
I leave you now to take in the cuteness of what will become known worldwide as "burn baby burn" videos
with this a non-workout picture of Charlie being cute again in our apartment this time!
love till next post,

p.s. if you are looking for christmas wishlists they are in the two posts prior to this one!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Mama wishlist....

I told you I was going to create a wishlist of my own, and there are actually quite a few things I want. Most though, I can do without.

With my car in the shop and rent to be paid (while jobless, mind you) MONEY is the greatest gift this season. A giftcard to some clothing store, walmart, or target would suit me fine too. Another thing that may seem like a gift to Charlie but would be a GREAT gift to me would be a toddler mattress..I am pretty sure we have a frame coming our way for free...but as you might guess without the mattress it's nothing but an over rated playpin!

I got a whole bunch of cd's stolen 2 years ago so if you are into frivolous giving this season one of those would be nice...... the list includes the following;
evanescence..self titled
tenacious d..self titled
three day's grace..self titled
godsmack..self titled
linkin park..hybrid theory
guster...keep it together

and Of course movies are always fun and these are my top picks right now...

space chimps
kung fu panda
across the universe
space jam ( I miss this movie!)
legally blonde
office space (one of the greatest, and even though I might be gifting this one to someone I could mooch it from every once in a while, having my own copy would be fantabulous!)

if your into baking, my favorites are chocolate chip cookies and brownies! (white chocolate anything rocks my socks though!)

speaking of socks, if your on a budget socks are always appreciated (unless they are boring and plain!)

I have a whole bunch of pictures that I have been meaning to get black frames for so if you wanted to get me fun frames I need 5x7 (let me get back to you I think that's what they are ) and one 8x10

I hope that gives you an idea!

Love till next post,