Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Still pregnant, for now...

As the days roll on I have less than a week until my EDD. I think the baby really just wants to make sure we are really ready. We are almost unpacked all the way and almost cleaned and prepared. I think we have talked it over with everyone and plan on Thursday :). No pictures for now of us but When I get home I promise I will upload some in another post.

Love till next post,
Sandra Golden :)

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Big Brother (you've waited long enough)

So first off I wanted to apologize for how long I have gone without visually updating all of you, it may come to quite a surprise what Charlie looks like these days since the last time I posted I am pretty sure he was just a baby and now he is such a big boy :).

Also, with the arrival of a new baby soon I wanted to share with you all the signs Charlie has given displaying he is ready to be quite a great big brother. Between the many physical exhibits and the conversational tidbits there are a bit to many to start typing out what all has led to my believing he is almost as ready as I am to have the baby! :) Here is a little sign for you all though, evidence to tide you over for the time being.

Hope that satisfies for now! :)

love till next post,

Monday, July 4, 2011

Estimated Due Dates, and brick houses

Normally I am pretty sure those two things don't go together but, if you haven't been closely in contact with me then here is the time to talk about both of them to update all and anybody reading this blog!

Estimated due date: July 28th. ESTIMATED.
Some of the people who are aware of this are already planning on coming over to see the baby on the 28th. Others ask what time of day I will be going into the hospital bwah! hospital, as if. So if you didn't know when the baby was "due" there you go, mark the calander and sit in foolishness waiting. Either that or be completely unprepared for that phone call on the 26th you get from me telling you all about the baby. ESTIMATED kids, just remember that please.

So now onto the whole brick houses thing. I probably meant the singular form. Brick house. That is totally what My husband, Charlie, and I live in now! No more stupid apartment with stupid apartment-ness! I am so loving not hearing my neighbors doing their laundry through our ceiling! I am so loving a yard and the option of having a spare toilet at my disposal (good to have when you have boys around!). This also means that I have neighbors that are not connected to me that I can wave and smile at from a safe distance :). Internet also available from these neighbors which is beyond AWESOME!

So odd two subjects to bunch together but update done. talk to you soon mom. lol and anybody else reading :)

Love till next post,