Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Thanksgiving update!

Hope everyone had a happy Thanksgiving!

Sorry I have been such a lazy person and haven't posted! I don't have much motivation to anymore since I don't have any cute pictures that I feel I must share with you all.

I thought instead I would put a little bit of an update on what the little man and I have been up to....

Charlie has been up to a lot, growing and such. He can now roll over both back to stomach, and stomach to back . I was told that rolling from back to stomach is harder, but that's the one he did first, just under 2mo ago! He just today did a complete roll and then looked at me like, "whoa mom, what just happened?!!".

Before Thanksgiving we were just doing the basic everyday things, and here and there we would go visit friends. He met his Grandpa Lin, Aunt Connie, Uncle Jack, and Aunt Nancy. As usual he was very much a performer and enjoyed giving them grins and struttin his stuff! (as much as a baby that can't walk can strut)

Also a few weeks back, because I am absolutely crazy and decided we could handle it, Charlie, mom, and I attended church camp!! It was a blast, my church family has really embraced me through all of this and I love being around them, and having a positive atmosphere for Charlie!
We stayed in the 'Mommy and Me' cabin. I was surprised at the turn out of moms and babies. I was also very thrilled when I found out that there were two sides of the cabin, one for babies who slept through the night, and one for those unfortunate few that don't. (I am now taking this time to say hi to suze, my sister, and that I am sorry to hear that James and her would have been on the less fortunate side if they were in attendence).

I have been quite blessed to have a baby that, since the age of 3mo, has slept through the entire night!!

At the top of this post I believe I said a 'short' update, so I'm going to speed things along.

On Thanksgiving we had an extra long day. First we went to his dad's family thing, where Charlie got to meet most of that side of the family. Then we went to the Sowards family bash and stayed there till about 10 or 10:30! He stayed awake almost the entire time we were with the Sowards and I think we are still off a bit on our sleeping patterns from that day of chaos. (it was fun chaos though!).

Okay that's all the update I have in me for now!

love till next post,

(Editors' note: sorry if there are any and many errors in my posts, I don't really read over it before I post it. If I tried to do that, it would probably never get posted!)

Saturday, November 24, 2007


I know that it's getting closer to christmas so I thought I would put together a short xmas wish list.
We've already got quite a few clothes and toys for Charlie coming from his mama (me..duh), dad, gma, and granny but I understand if there is something so cute that you have to buy it!

BUT... there are a few things that we need like more cloth diapers like these (not picky about color)
and with diapers you need inserts like these to do the absorbing. Charlie is such a big boy that he is med/large right now and soon will be in large, please keep that in mind.

Charlie has started to roll over and be able to move freely about the bed, which is so enjoyable to see him growing and learning new things but makes me think it's time for us to get of these,
I also thought this one was cool, and it's portable!! Of course I'm not picky about brands or exact things, as long as it's the general thing that serves the same purpose it's great!!

As long as we are on the topic of not worrying about specific products, I thought I might mention that, as well as growing out of clothes, he's growing out of shoes. I want some Robeez for him (size no smaller then 6-12mo). I really like the guitar ones but I'm not picky. I think you can find this stuff on ebay but I just linked you to the original site.

All those are for Charlie, the only thing I really want and need is a new digital camera. I don't have a link for that, but if you all wanted to band together and buy it for me I WON'T STOP YOU!!!

Anyway, enough of all the stuff we need (that happens to be kinda expensive), here are a few ideas for fun little things that we could enjoy having....

Soft block books (so much better for babies that like to eat as well as read their books)

Stacking toys ( I like the flame and rainbow, these will be a little hard for him now but not for long!)

But not the hippopotamus (a beloved book by all children I think)((Sandra Boynton is a favorite))

And any other books, we love to read board books as well as the soft ones!!

OK. Finally I got a list out.

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and I'll try to post soon again!

Love till next post,

Thursday, November 15, 2007


The title stands for World Breastfeeding Week Celebration, which mind you, was back in September but my, o so colorful LaLecheLeague Leader (LLLL) Just now got the photos up. I wanted to share these photos with you all. Not only so that you may see some of my other breastfeeding mom friends, but also to give me a chance to express how wonderful and blessed I feel to be a breastfeeding mother. Breastfeeding is such a wonderful thing that a mother can give to her baby and, as some of you might know, we've had a lot of issues. So to have made it this far I am surely blessed!

Anyway, enjoy and YAY FOR BREASTFEEDING!!!!

From left to right (Amber, Jennifer, Rodica's sister in law Jennifer, Maria(rodica's baby) and Rodica)

more baby moments..

it was a family friendly event, so the ladies brought their men (or the babies brought their daddy's)

from left to right (Cathy, her hubby, Jameson, Jessica, and Conner)

It was fun and I enjoy being with these women and sharing the joy that breastfeeding brings!
I have so much new stuff going on to tell you guys but I'll save that till the next time, I'm ready to go to bed, it's late!!

Love till next post,

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Cousins? Maybe.....

No new pictures still but in honor of National blog posting month (NaBloPoMo) I decided to post something today.

I was going through some of the older posts my sister has on her blog and came across one photo in particular that looked quite familiar....I'm thinking there might be some be the judge.....

This is my nephew James around 4months (age could vary a bit, not positive)...
This is Charlie at almost 3 and a half mo......

pretty hysterical I think! Anyway.

Love till next post,