Friday, August 31, 2007

What a week!

It is once again Friday evening and i have failed to upload this weeks pictures. I have been so tired and busy being in the moment I haven't had the time to really capture it. I do have a few pictures to show how much he is growing every week but i will have to put them on tomorrow in an all picture post.

As for tonight, I am going to dig a bit into what all has been going on this week so you can understand a little better why I haven't posted pictures yet.

I don't know if all of you know about how i am in vision therapy to try to fix some out of the norm vision problems I have suffered from, well I am. I go once a week for an hour long in office session and throughout the week i have exercises i do at home. Charlie's great grandma Shirley has been going with us and watching him while I am in my weekly session. This trip is tiring! I know your thinking, it's only an hour Sandra, but you are horribly mistaken. First off, great grandma Shirley lives south of us quite a bit and we have to pick her up. We then come back to my house so that I can eat something before the trip to the dr's office...which i might add is all the way in stinkin' Edmond! Then I am in there for an hour, after which we drive all the way to Shirley's house before we can head back home!

That was just Monday kids!

It has been such a long week that Tuesday and Wednesday are sort of a blurr in the back of my memory, I know we went a couple places that i thought up to go because little man doesn't like sitting at home!

Then came Thursday.....

I had a dentist appointment in the morning, which was the pits because I had to get up and get both of us ready, while being so tired from having a rough night with the king!
They cleaned my teeth which took like 2 hrs because it took so long to get called back. they also had to do x-rays and found out i have about 8 cavities! geez...Charlie is such a good guy though, I didn't have a babysitter so the nurses (which many had a lot of free time) helped watch him!
After that I headed down Portland Ave. to OSU/OKC where i got my text book for the course I am taking this semester (surprise to those who didn't know i was back in school!). While we were down there i also took care of getting my photo ID.
I needed to get the book because the class was that night! Intro Sociology in case anyone was interest.
After getting the book and ID we heading home for a rest and dinner before going to my late night class.
Once again, Charlie is one of the best babies, he hung out around campus with my mother while i was in class for 2hrs (there was a 10min break but still TWO HOURS!)

Now for today....

I had a doctor appointment today for me at 11am, so i got Charlie and I ready and we headed out...knowing we had more things after that so we weren't coming home for a while!
After the doctor appt. we had lunch in the area since we didn't want to have to drive all the way back home when at 1pm we were having a LLL enrichment meeting at the nearby library.

This time for the enrichment meeting we had an infant massage instructor come and demonstrate how to massage our was neat! Anyways we were there for that and chatting with the other moms afterwords until about 3 we left and got home at about 3:45 where we rested and got ready to have dinner with mom!

The day is still not over and I have more things to there is an inside scoop, I hope you enjoyed and now better understand why I haven't gotten the pictures...

I'll put those up tomorrow or Sunday though....Look for 'em!


Sunday, August 19, 2007



this past week has been full of fun! Charlie has been a little cranky this week but i have found out that he loves any kind of adventure and hates to stay in our house. We have been trying to keep busy because of that. Uncle John came to visit last weekend, he and charlie have staring contests that are pretty adorable. John is also very conscious of how fragile babies can be so this weekend was the first time he let me put Charlie in his lap, and he only allowed it for long enough to take the picture!

I had started to post this updated yesterday but it was stormy! The power went out and by then my moment of free time was up!

It is official that i am going to north carolina if you want dates just ask!
i don't have many pictures but the ones i have are pretty fun,

his first sign of becoming a man...

our beloved stroller, he loves his walks..
the deluxe stroller in all it's glory..

the first official kodak moment between uncle and nephew...(one of many to come)..

my free time is up, so love to all till next time!!!

Friday, August 17, 2007

One Day Late Posting

sorry about not posting yesterday, i was just sooo busy! i am in the process of enrolling in osu/okc, and yesterday i had to go down there to take the COMPASS test! also, we had some visitors.

charlie has officially started chatting with us, he definately recognizes me and very often breaks out a HUGE grin! he talks all the time and is not afraid to coo at you if you happen to catch his attention! he's advancing in so many areas but that one is the most fun at this point. i have not yet captured these new fun things on camera or audio but if and when i do i will try to post it!

this week we also went to our first la leche league meeting! it was enjoyable and we look forward to attending more meetings. it has been so hot here that going was quite an adventure, since it's in the middle of the afternoon. the weather here is supposed to get better this weekend. it's even supposed to rain! that will be excellent not only because we hate heat but because we have gotten a stroller and have started taking walks!

i am still planning on going to see my sister in north carolina but it will not be as soon as i anticipated, i will definately be packing my camera and will have really REALLY cute pictures of charlie and james together and EVEN CUTER pictures of all four of us....(cuter because suze and i will be in them ;) )

i also didn't do as well this week taking pictures because we really have done a lot of new stuff this week and it has really kept us busy! but the few pictures i took that ended up being good i have put up for your enjoyment....

the belly is growing!as far as max is concerned.. charlie is his baby and he plans on protecting him!
he's starting to really make funny faces..

sorry about the lack of pictures...i will definately take more this coming week!


Friday, August 10, 2007

BATH TIME!!! (7 wks old)

first, i would like to say sorry for the underlining, i can't figure out how to turn that off.

now to the important information...

it has been sooooo hot here that charlie and i haven't really been able to go many places. we still need to get out every once in a while or we both get cranky but they are always small trips to an airconditioned place!

i can't believe he has gotten so big!

in other news, charlie may be getting his first airplane ride very soon. i am trying to arrange a trip to my sisters in north carolina so that charlie can meet his aunt! (uncle, and cousin too!) that will be an interesting trip, please keep us in your thoughts and pray that the trip goes well! i will let you all know when the trip is set!

to set a routine, we have started charlie on nightly baths with grandma! some pretty cute pictures have resulted from that. we also give him baths to cool him off and wash the sweat and stuff of the heat of the day off him!

check out the awesome bath pics and other pics from this week! look forward to a 8wk update next friday!


Friday, August 3, 2007



time for my weekly update. mom got home sunday night, what a relief! we did quite well all week though, and thank you to all of you who helped me get through the week!

during our week without mom i started thinking about whether to do the whole godparent thing for charlie. i never had godparents and i think it would have been such a great thing to have, so, i decided that i would look into it. after some research i decided he definately, should have them.

i consider a few women for godmothers and men for godfathers and decided on the perfect couple...drumroll godparents are karen and greg dotts!

i am so happy about that and how charlie is growing! he's SIX WEEKS OLD TODAY!!!

check out how much he's grown!

reclining like a big boy!!

rachel and pheonix came to visit after rachel went on the same trip as mom...
dryin' off in our favorite rainbow towel after a bath..
while mom was out of town great grandma shirley came over to help out...