Friday, July 27, 2007


these three pictures are of charlie and his baby friend cailey! we go visit baby cailey every once in a while!

here are the pictures of him at ONE MONTH OLD!!!! he's getting sooooo big!

he loves his new bouncy seat and it's so helpful! especially this week since grandma isn't here to hold him when i need to do stuff!

exactly one month after she last saw us, our friend karen got to see how much charlie has grown!so there's my weekly update...check back next friday when he'll be EVEN BIGGER!!

Friday, July 20, 2007

Overload of Pictures!

hello everyone! Just for a little update for everyone, charlie is growing sooooo much. i just had to take a plethora of pictures this week to share the growth...We are doing better everyday.. i can't type much because i am preparing for a week of just me and charlie! mom is going out of town on a trip for a week!
i've got to rest up for that the meantime lots of pictures taken means more for you all to view!

nap with mommy...

sleeping means MORE growing!

the teddy bear our good friends Greg and Karen got him is one of his favorite things to look at!

big yawn!

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Grrrrrroooowwing we do it ev-er-ee day!

these are my weekly pictures, their not brand new but pretty recent..........You can already see how he's grown! i'll be sure to take lots o f pictures now that i found my camera (it was lost most of this week and that's why the pictures aren't brand new!).
also, from the list of things we need i have already received the car mirror, although an extra one wouldn't hurt for when we start using both cars to transport charlie!

judging by his belly, i think he just ate in this one!

already helping grandma with computer stuff!

just one of many cute little hats we have for him! (thank you marletts for his one)
o, and by the way, i would love for all of you to comment on my blog so i know you've seen the pictures!
even if you don't have a blog you can leave a comment, so please do!


Friday, July 6, 2007

Things We Need!

this isn't my weekly picture update but instead letting people know what we need as of today.
we will have plenty more stuff we'll need in just a couple weeks but these are for sure things we need now.

because of the backround it is hard to tell that i have put links to the items i need but if you look closely the links are purple...sorry for the hard to read stuff!

to keep charlie in sight while he's in the back seat

i'm not sure which one i want but i definately will need this to wear charlie

okay, so, we are going to try doing the cloth diaper thing so if someone could help us out with that,that would be awesome!

p.s. we will eventually need more then size small so there's not just one gift there but really 3 (small, medium, and large)

i like the snugglebottoms, snugglebottoms with velcro, or fuzzi bunz

with cloth diapers comes a need for diaper covers..

i like the bummi original or bummi pull on

and now...for books that would be helpful...

the womanly art of breastfeeding

how to raise a healthy child

thank you so much to those of you who have already been a tremendous help! also thank you to those who are even thinking about getting any of these items for me!

i will probably think of more things to put up but charlie is asleep so i should be sleeping too.

Thursday, July 5, 2007

With arms wide open...

okay so, i can't type much because little mister is sleeping, and anyone with kids knows that that means mama rests too. i did get demands for more pictures though, so now i can say i have met those demands!
enjoy!!! i think someone wants a hug!

he's already started reaching for mama! (thank you marletts for the adorable outfit!)

we had some visitors.....

mikela stayed for the weekend to help out..thank you!!

my friend big bob the baby fanatic!!

and noah..the youngest person to hold charlie..he makes charlie look so big!!

Sunday, July 1, 2007



Charles Nathan Sylvester
June 22, 2007
7lbs 20in

charlie was born at heavensentbirth midwifery clinic with no medical interference!
the first 2hrs of life he spent in my arms an experience i will forever be grateful to have had!
i could go on and on telling in great detail the story of his birth, and if you want to know more please ask, but i thought for now most of you are dying to see pictures of my sweet baby boy..

after spending skin to skin time with me he got his newborn exam done..
then, of course, he bonded with grandma..
my good friends karen and greg came to the birthcenter and right away got to hold charlie..

right before we left the clinic..