Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Time is Short. I wish I could write to my husband a wonderfully prepared 234 page book on how many different ways he is a miracle in my life. I don't however, because we together have two other slightly shorter miracles in our life together that take up ALL MY TIME! As our anniversary month (it is hard to celebrate on the official day, so we have a month leeway).

Anyway just wanted to say thank you to my mother in law for making our wonderful anniversary cake and Thank you to my husband for being mine, I love you!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Keep the faith

Remember when I said I would try to maintain more consistency with the whole blogging? Whoops...I guess that it comes with being a scatterbrained mother of two, the lack of being able to fulfill trivial verbal commitments. My most sincere of apologies. There isn't A whole lot fo blogging I can do, not very interesting things I can thing of typing. My brain is like mashed banana, steamed carrot puree, mushed peas...did I mention I have a baby who is pretty interested in starter foods? See so since my head is foggy-ed with all things baby how could I possible construct anything interesting that also made sense? I have come to realize in this stage of motherhood things about other mothers that is discerning and creates a lack of compatibility between they and I. Maybe I could muster up the sentences into a great blog next time around. Not today though. I am so sleep deprived I doubt I will even check this to make sure I spelled everything correctly. Soooo I leaf you know and talk to yous lata.

Love till next post,

p.s. There seems to be some unspoken, yet recognized, rule of thumb that if you post a picture, you will have more people following your blog..what do people like more than a good old Kodak moment....gotcha!