Saturday, April 19, 2008


No, I'm not talking about monkeys at the zoo, I'm talking about MY CRAZY MONKEY! Charlie is a great little monkey and he's growing so fast, I had to share the moments that we are having...

No, I'm not talking about the monkeys we've seen at the zoo the times we have already been. We got a pass and Have been going to the zoo a lot lately, but like I said, not talking about THOSE monkeys!

My little monkey is growing up SO fast that It's hard to capture it quick are my lame attempts.

Charlie is so grown up just sitting there on his own..... (p.s. he loves outside..pps. we are at his dad's house)..

He even likes to talk on the phone (just give us a call to talk to Dr. Adorable!)....even if it's not actually a phone, but really a rattle...
Now that he's got TWO TEETH he's getting into eating. We got a highchair lately and are ready to share all the cute (and goofy) faces he makes during 'meal time'...

Talking about big boy stuff, with assistance he's been drinking from a regular cup for a while, but just recently he's doing it ALL BY HIMSELF!!!
He also now knows how to blow a whistle, play catch (or ball hog), walk along the furniture, say mamamama, and he also has cunningly learned how to open cabinets!!

Love till next post,

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Random pictures...Sorry for the lack of stuff lately

Sorry the pictures didn't show up the first time, here's my second attempt, let me know if there's a problem...ENJOY.

We went to the auto show at the fair a while back and Charlie got to drive his first jeep....

The mohawk in all his glory ( right before church, i might add)..

oddly enough this is a zoo picture, baby swings are a favorite...(more park and zoo pictures later..promise!)..

He fell asleep while grandma was clipping his nails!!! I wish he fell asleep that easy for me!!!
at beth and jess's apartment...they still have some baby toys out....

Love till next post,