Saturday, October 15, 2011

Real quick a picture fix of how wonderful Charlie is at being a big brother and copying my EVERY move! Pretty cute how he wants to help the baby grow big and strong with his awesome "milk" lol. I don't know if people will think this is strange, but you shouldn't. It's ADORABLE!

The end.

Love till next post,

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

I know it has been a month or so since my last post, but, I haven't been to a place with internet since my least not with my computer at hand :(.

So, Andrew is 2mo. old now and growing splendidly, Charlie is loving being a big brother, and us parents, we are ready for some sleep!

I don't remember what exactly I was keeping on my mind when Charlie was this age, but with Andy there isn't a whole lot I can keep because there is so much on my mind. He has been quite the coo-er lately and that's pretty awesome, and he is growing at such a rapid pace he is quickly out doing babies twice his age! I love having both of them together, something else I didn't experience with Charlie. It's amazing to see there bond and the giggles they share :)


We are getting ready for Halloween and also thinking about taking on Thanksgiving, Going to see how that goes.

Also, We built a playhouse for the boys which is FANTABULOUS size. Just got it done and will have more completely finished pictures later, until then, these will have to do...

Too tired to think up any well put together stories, will type more at home to paste here next time.

Love till next post,