Tuesday, November 24, 2009


I was wanting to share Charlie being so grown up but my computer will not let me upload images. Naughty computer. I will keep trying and hopefully have pictures and some other Christmas wishes more for the King's Mommy up soon.

Keep hoping all. I love you all and wish the happiest of holidays!

Love till next post,

Thursday, November 12, 2009


I'm taking train set off the list. Soon as I put it on there Someone got it for Charlie so The rest of that item like the trains in general part and the cars, planes thing is still accurate but the train set is off the list!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Christmas wishlist

I know it's been a while and since I'm officially not pulling 11-12hour shifts everyday I have no excuse but I once again will be trying to post more... starting with Charlie's Christmas Wish list!

Here are some ideas

1. TOOLS ( you don't have to stick to Black and Decker but they sure are cool and this gives you some idea of what I'm talking about!)

2. PRETEND CLEANING SUPPLIES (once again just and idea, it could be a vacuum or some spray bottles to have "cleaning fluid" in or whatever, just something alone these lines!

3. KIDS SOFA (this thing is awesome, don't care bout the design, there's also a sofa chair that's cool, totally
at Wal Mart)

4. TRAIN STUFF (not just pertaining to the tracks, we love trains, planes, and automobiles! ) TAKEN!! he still loves trains, planes, automobiles and would love to receive such items but the train track is already to be gifted by someone!

5. PUZZLES ( we like the wooden ones but are slowly outgrowing those so if you want to get the real ones
we are doing the big pieces ones and even kind of desire a floor puzzle, if those still exist?)

6. BOOKS ( We don't do long ones yet but if you get an awesomely illustrated book he loves to look at the
pictures while I read him the story) (no link necessary)