Saturday, September 29, 2007

Dinner Time/ Gwen and Olivia!

I know you all have seen pictures of Charlie in his bouncy seat at home but now you can see the North Carolina seat we used!!
Charlie loved to watch James eat, It was a great distraction that allowed me to eat my food!

everyone had a place at the table....

they apparently both got disinterested with each other for a moment...just a moment!
James has a little pal olivia who lives in the same apartment complex as him...she came over to play a couple times while we were there. James and Olivia both know a few signs and LOVED to use the sign for baby while we were there! Other then James, Olivia is one of the cutest toddler babies i've had the pleasure of meeting!

Not only do James and Olivia know signs, they are also both gentle and well mannered around the baby so i felt comfortable that she would shake the seat but instead just gently rock....

Olivia's mom, Gwen, also came to meet Charlie. (and play with James and Susan!)....

OK I know my typing wasn't very neat this post, but i am just trying to hurry up and post these pictures which i've had as a draft for quite some time!!!

I'm still trying to get caught up but i guess...once behind, always behind!! grrrr...

We had a celebration the other day for Charlie's 3mo. and since John was here we also celebrated his 22nd bday!! Charlie's godparents came and i baked a cake!

Karen and Greg brought their awesome camera and took some pretty spectacular pictures that i can't wait to show you all!! *sigh* as soon as i get caught up...

love to all,

Wednesday, September 26, 2007


I'm keeping to my word, here are more pictures. Sorry that it has taken me so long, I think I might have been sick. I am feeling a lot better now so I should be reeling out posts like no other now!!

this is still pictures just from our trip to north carolina. As I said last time and you might notice, he stayed fascinated in his cousin the whole time we were there.

Once we got outta the car and Charlie finally got to stretch out, James wanted to see the baby up close and took him a while to get to James' face...he first had to study those interesting things called feet!!

James was very good with the baby, he knew just how to act around the baby and had fun having a baby around! as you can see he's very pleased to interact with Charlie...

After James noticed I was taking pictures he quickly wanted to steal the spotlight and have pictures taken of him!! (he's getting so big, look at his teeth!)...

James really liked being around the baby, and knew how to have a gentle touch, so i could leave them there and take this adorable photo....(notice Charlie hasn't taken his eyes off his cousin yet!)....

They were both so interested in each other they would just sit there and watch each other, but James took his eyes off Charlie for a minute to pose for a picture......he's so photogenic!!

those are the pictures I got of the boys interacting when we first got there, It was so fun to see how interested they were in each other. I can't believe that in a year Charlie will be a big boy like James! (even crazier, I can't believe last year James was as small as Charlie!)

I plan on putting some pictures of aunt/nephew pictures real soon!!!


Charlie met his dad the other day, hmmmm...that's all i'm going to say about that.

I started working again, not very much but it's interesting and fun. Charlie is doing well with that. Mom watches him and brings him to me when he's hungry....we are trying to arrange that differently to help make it easier on Mom.

Charlie is tongue-tied....ask me if you wanna know more about that one.

Okay well, I will put more stuff up soon but I need to go tend to my sweet baby!!


Sunday, September 23, 2007


I am sure you all have been on your toes waiting for me to show you pictures of my trip to North Carolina! I have really wanted to share them but have been at a loss for time and energy. After waiting for time and energy to appear so I could get all the pictures on, with all the explanations that go with them I decided this, I should put the pictures up in installments so that you get to see some. This way I can do things quicker and won't be taking on such a big project!

I got some pics of Charlie and I in the airport and on the plane, but only on the way back so those pictures will be later.

The first pictures I did take were of Charlie and James together for the first time in the car!

Charlie was fascinated by the big kid beside him everytime we went anywhere!
This is what he first thought of his cousin, and continued to think the entire time we were there...

As you can see Charlie stayed fascinated with whatever James was up to...

i wanted a picture of them together like this, i ended up taking it through the back of the car but you can see that Charlie is still interested and James is keeping himself occupied with a toy!
I know that does not satisfy very well but with shorter posts I will be able to do them more often so check back in a couple days and I'll have Pics of while we were there, and out of the car!!



Tuesday, September 18, 2007


I know, I know... I haven't gotten around to posting all the fun pictures and stories from our trip to North Carolina. For good reason though. I am still overwhelmed with all the stuff I left undone and all the new stuff that needs to be done on top of that! We had such a lovely time with my sister, but since we've been back I haven't been able to recover from the traveling..neither has Charlie.

Charlie has had the sniffles, I have school, work, and my eye exercises to deal with. Dhs is also a pain in the rear! Add legal matters to all that and that's my daily life right now. Someday though...I promise I will share the fun pictures and stories.

Since I haven't posted in a while, I felt kind of guilty that some of you haven't gotten to see how much he's grown! Also, as my sister pointed out, Charlie always makes the same expression in all his pictures. That is sad because he makes so many fun expressions I have many a time tried to capture.

I did manage to capture his mommy smile that I wanted to share with all of you right away, so you know what I'm talking about!!!

so here he is almost 3mo. old!!!

I am aware it's a strange angle but, he is to mesmerized by the camera if I hold it in front of him!
I caught the mommy smile, and that's all that matters!

I am so worn out so I must bid you all adu!

More later, I swear!


Sunday, September 2, 2007

The Promised Pictures

okay, so, i finally got around to uploading the pictures from this week onto the computer. I know that the pictures is what everyone looks at, and all of you were disappointed to see that with ALL that writing came no pictures!

Here they are....

i look tired...

he's got one of his funny looks on here...right after his bath, he's in one of his summer nighties....

it's still a little to big...but SO cute....(outfit provided by his godparents)....


He likes his big boy pants....

p.s. do you see the remote is once again close to him?!

hope you enjoyed!