Thursday, March 1, 2012

Home of the free, brave, and mutilated penises

I am so agitated at AMERICA. Why do people still circumcise at all? EVER? I was reading this BEAUTIFUL ARTICLE which lead me to a youtube video of the procedure. I am putting a link here for the video which forever makes me more passionately aware that I was so correct in not doing this to my children. In the past I have strayed away from talking about the whole subject together with the thought, it wasn't anybody's business whether my boys were intact or not. After seeing this video (or part, I couldn't watch all of it b/c of how horrific it was and how much I was crying!) I realized how wrong parenting in America has become, how can anyone stand there so complacent as they watch their child going through extreme amounts of pain and mutilation and all in the name of cosmetic "rightness". If you have made this decision in the past because it was believed to be correct and the doctor bullied, or talked you into it, I am not saying you are a villian. I wonder still though, how did you do it. I could not stand by and watch that happen, ALLOW it to unless they forced me in which case I would head for the hills. I speak of America because everyone else in the developed parts of the world seem to have already picked up on the morally wrongness of this all. I Cannot bear to think of how many boys are still going through this and the people responsible are not being held liable. If not for a true medical reason this is ABUSE. Before it was believed to be safer, cleaner, and almost necessary to avoid certain severe problems from occuring, so once again if you have had this done to any of your children, I am not bashing you. Just please before you let anybody do this to an infant without a medical reason think of this......

If they could talk, would they say, "Yes please mommy, Cut a perfectly good part of my body off, and don't worry about giving me any pain meds for the procedure, I won't remember it later."


I hope I don't come off as a ranter, and if I do don't forgot about THIS link which is a more peaceful approach with links and a helpful perspective on the matter.

Love till next post,

p.s. It is my humble opinion that they should make you watch that YouTube video before they ever let you make the decision to do it to your own baby, and further, if you can watch that video all the way through, with the same indifference on the matter as most have before, you really shouldn't be a parent. It needs to be a more emotionally connected job.