Sunday, November 30, 2008

And now comes..... another wishlist...

It is that time of year again, when everyone starts asking what Charlie and I are hoping to get this Christmas. Every time I think money and love! That is what we NEED.. .but... here are a few things that we would be happy to have....


Melissa and Doug Wooden Toys...(We like a whole bunch but to give you an idea..our favorites...)
1. A fun music set
2. A pretend mail set
3. Play food (I love the cutting food ones but all of them are neat)
We like a whole bunch on there but there is an idea.

1. Sandra boynton books we LOVE this author so of course, we have some
already. so avoid getting... Snuggle puppy, moo baa lalala,
the bedtime book, the belly button book, blue hat green hat,
and hippo's go berserk.
2. we would especially like But not the hippopotamus, But we love all of them
most of them are at Barnes and Noble

"Helping" toys....

1. Play vacuum (not this specific one, just an example)
2. Cleaning set ( I really like this one but again, just examples)
3. Metal pots and pans play set ( I can't find a link for this one)

Anyway, That should give you all plenty of ideas!
Will make my list later, Charlie and I are tired and need to go home!

Love till next post,

Friday, November 21, 2008

Absence of Good vibes....

Things in my life have come to a negative peak, although I wish this post was lighthearted and fun, that is not what is on my mind.

I have come to the conclusion that nothing is ever certainly as it seems. I am having some cloudy days here of late, my mind is unpeaceful. I wonder why life has to throw so many stones at once, it seems to work out that it's raining them. The hard stinging rain that you just can't get away from.

I am still, as always, optimistic that these things are happening for a reason and that if anything, these situations, of which I really don't wish to speak specifically about, will at least build my character and strength as an individual.

Charlie and I are fine and will continue to survive and fight to have the best we can, a few set backs along the way never stopped me before! ;)

I post, not to alarm any of you, but as an outlet of relief. I have not many options of where or how to let it out but bottling it up doesn't seem to be working!

Know that I appreciate all of you and any support you have given or will give me. I will be in touch and I have so many good things in my life (CHARLIE... HELLO!!) that I am sure this moment will past. I will have lost a few things I valued a lot but such is life, right?

love till next post,