Monday, February 27, 2012

Home again.

Ya know, sometimes, I hate to admit that people disappoint me. I mean human logic aggravates me but sometimes, also who it is, it is just extremely worse. I guess I just don't fit into a "normal" American logic. So I leave it to you, anyone out there, maybe you can reason with my brain, explain, rationally bring me over to your side on a few matters. If you are able to sued my uncanny mind into agreeing this will be how. Here are a couple of ways people just throw me off and I am not pompous by any means. I am not saying I am better (although all the choices I make are better for me and MY family). I just am CONFUSED.

1. Why do people act weird about me homeschooling my children? Especially after all the flunkouts, shootings, molestation, etc.... Why?

2. Why do people keep trying to give us tvs? Do you think we are to poor to purchase one? Is it so hard to believe that there can be life without it?

3. Why is it weird that my baby should need comforting? I seem to get this vibe from some that tends to make me feel that you all think that walking my baby is extremely weird and SOOOO different than rocking or driving the kid around. Methods change, the basic concept stays the same, BABIES NEED COMFORTING. Not my idea.

4. Why are people willing to put themselves into situations already knowing what is ahead and then complaining once their there?

I could go on and on. I seem to just not fit in I suppose.

Oh well, I don't know what else to say right now other than obviously feeling a little sad about my isolation from my peers and elders and EVERYONE due to cultural differences even though we are from the same Americas.

Love till next post,

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