Monday, February 20, 2012

NaBloPoMo, is that you?

My brain and computer access at present, I think, have confused me into thinking that it is National Blog Posting Month (nablopomo). I say this since this is like the 4th post this month or something! Insane to think I have enough time and energy stored up to manage something like this! Anyway, I wanted to talk about this friend thing, it is sooooo hard to find friends. I don't know how some of you all do it. Sure, I have Facebook friends and all of my Fb friends I find lovely or at least interesting, BUT, I don't spend time with most of them, nor do any of them call me (my sister and my mother simply don't count). I have come to realize this is mostly because it is nearly impossible for me to relate to the socially normal events and decisions people make. I am not saying, "hahaha my ways are right and you all are NUTS." Okay, maybe at some level of subconsciousness, I am, BUT...I don't try to do that. I stay open minded most of the time, but how am I suppose to relate or accept how some people choose to do things that are so different from the path I have chosen? Why would they want to be friends with me when usually I disprove all their ideals by just walking into the room ALIVE? Does anybody have a real answer? Just throwing this out there, until then, I will stay hopeful and avoid people that upset me by some of the things they say and do that I find appalling.

FUN PICTURE TIME AS TO BE EXPECTED. Forget any depressing ramblings you just completed the reading of.

There are simply no words that I can put here to express the love I have for this photograph of my sweet baby Andrew.

Love till next post,

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