Sunday, February 19, 2012

Today I have realized that Charlie is so much closer to be a grown up it is crazy! He was looking at the blog with and said, "Hey go back to the picture, that was me! I was asleep in a bouncy with my leg out. Andy does that now because I am to much older." CRAZY. I know that time is precious but so is sleep and it is hard to enjoy the preciousness of the time when I am so exhausted.
Russell has been working out of town so I have been taking care of the kids essentially on my own. I will be elated when that little lull in emptiness is over. Anyway I don't know much what to talk about so I will make this short, I have picked a randomly cute picture to go with this post so maybe you will look past my unorganized ramblings and notice the adorableness that my boys are.
Ooooo, also, Andy and Charlie have quite a striking resemblance to each other as far as baby pictures go but I am sure you can guess, who is who. :)

Love till next post,

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Stephanie Molchan said...

The picture is SO cute, and I think I see a crazy Amazon bird in there!